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16 oz. bottle (Golden, Purple, and Green)

16 oz. bottle (Golden, Purple, and Green)

This 16 ounce bottle of Irish sea moss gel is the perfect amount for everyday use, and will be enough to last you weeks at a time.Free shipping when spending $60 or more!

    This product can be consumed in many ways! 

    1. Take scoop raw, but i suggest having a glass of water ready to wash it down.
    2. Perfect to blend into any smoothie of your choice.
    3. Can be stired into your favorite tes.
    4. Can be blended into a puddiing-like dessert by combining gel with nuts (chesnut or dates for healthy sugar) and/or AGave syrup or honey. Mix without water.
    5. Many other ways are out there!

    For local deliveries (Jacksonville area) please contact us for pickup locations. contact information can be found on home page and checkout.*

    Shipping is $8.30 when you buy one bottle, but free when you purchase two or more. 

    This fee will cover all express deliveries anywhere in the country.  

    Free shipping when you spend $50 or more!

  • New Flavors

    As you may have noticed the prices vary depending on the type of sea moss that you want to purchase. This is because the process of harvesting the moss is a little more complicated than with the regular golden. When it comes to the green and purple sea moss they are more compacted with minerals because unlike the golden they are sundried natrually and provide more potent nutrients compared to the golden kind.

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