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100 pounds Raw Sea Moss (gold)

100 pounds Raw Sea Moss (gold)

This is 100 pounds of raw irish sea moss, that you could use and create your own gels or other products. This is the same moss that I use to create my gels, but now you have the option to create your own at home!Seamoss is anti-viral and packs 90 of the 102 minerals your body is comprised of!
Features 15 essential minerals; including selenium, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Fights iron deficiency and aids joint and nutrient support.
• 92 of 102 Minerals
• Antibacterial
• Anti-inflammatory
• Laxative
• Soothe mucus membrane
• Helps with Colds / Coughs / Bronchitis
• Tuberculosis
• Gastric Ulcers
• Intestinal Problems
• Supports Joint & Skin health
Legal Disclaimer:   Further cleaning is necessary. Item is raw. Ocean debris may be present.
Directions on prepping/making Seamoss Gel:
1. Weigh 2oz of Seamoss to use for your amount size
2. Rinse off the Seamoss in a bowl of Spring water by lightly squeezing, massaging or rubbing off any sand and natural dirt from the Seamoss
3. Move the Seamoss from the rinsing bowl into a new bowl with fresh Spring Water and let it soak for 6-12 hours. After it's done soaking, the Seamoss will look thicker.
4. Place the soaked Seamoss into a dry bowl and use culinary scissors to cut the Seamoss into smaller pieces to avoid issues with your blender; if you don't cut it then it wont blend correctly and could potentially damage your blender. (*This is especially important if you're using a cheaper blender)
5. Insert the cut-up Seamoss into your blender with 1/4 cup of water and blend on high for 1-2 minutes for the first phase of blending
6. Insert 3/4 cup of water for the last phase and blend on high until it is completely liquefied to finish the gel mixture (should be a thick consistency; not too watery)
7. Store into a glass mason jar or plastic bottle and refrigerate
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